All prices listed are labor only – parts are not included. I have access to any part that may be required, even some vintage one's! Any repair work not listed here is subject to inspection and can be quoted accordingly...

There is never a charge for estimates! 

***Estimates for any unlisted repairs or mods cannot be given over the phone or by email without actually seeing the instrument - or at least by clear, accurate photos sent to me of the problem via email.

Standard Shop Rate - The standard, hourly shop rate for unlisted, unusual or particularly labor-intensive repairs or modifications is $45.00

Some large repairs may require the job to be stretched out over a period of days, in small periods, for which the bench time will be recorded by the minute and accumulated.$45 per hour.


Setup includes : Evaluation, removal of old strings, inspect internally for loose braces or cracks (acoustics), evaluate and re-seat or glue down any loose fret ends (within reason), clean the fingerboard and frets, oil fingerboard, check electronics and clean pots/switches (if necessary), tighten tuners and any hardware, clean neck and body (within reason***), check and file nut slots (if necessary), shave or shim bridge saddle (acoustics), adjust bridge saddles for action height (+ leveling floating trems), adjust truss rod, adjust pickups optimally, set intonation with a strobe tuner, restring with player’s string choice, tune to pitch and stretch in final polish.  

(NOTE: Setups are very dependent on the player’s playing style, chosen tuning and string gauge used – especially floating trem guitars. All instruments are setup to standard A440 tuning unless specified differently beforehand – the more information you give about how you like your guitar set, the better I can help you...)

*** If your guitar is overly dirty, expect an additional labor charge of $45.00, I can't honestly let a dirty guitar leave my shop....

Acoustic 6 string – $60

Electric or Acoustic 12 string or Classical – $100

Electric Hardtail and Bass – $70

Electric with Bigsby or Floating / Locking Tremolo – $100

Bass with adjustable bridges - $80.00


Prices include re-setup. Re-fret includes fret-wire as well.

Full Fret Dress/Level – $250

Partial Fret Dress – $15.00 per Fret

Full Re-fret unbound rosewood/ebony fingerboard – $450

Full Re-fret bound or maple fingerboard – ASK

Partial Re-fret – $40 per Fret

File sharp ends from fingerboard dehydration – $35

Any fret work involving stainless steel +30%


Nut Slot Filing on existing nut – Shop rate / Minute

Acoustic Saddle Replace/Retrofit - Shop rate / Minute


NOTE: Semi-hollow guitars take longer, hourly bench rate applies. Installation of any components with a PC board (Pre-amps and Sustainers particularly) must be from a brand new, packaged units only.

Troubleshooting: First 15 mins – no charge, then shop rate applies.

Volume or Tone Pot, Switch Replace: Shop rate/Minute

Pickup Replacement: Shop rate/Minute

Pickup Routing: Shop Rate/Minute

Pickup Wax Potting: Helps to eliminate squeal and feedback - ASK !

Pickup Rewinding: ASK !

Any Custom Wiring: Shop Rate/Minute


Direct retrofit with no drilling - Shop rate/Minute

Direct with drilling new mount holes - Shop rate/Minute

Boring from ‘vintage’ size to ‘modern type’ 10mm install - Shop rate/Minute


Re-glue Acoustic Bridge: 

Remove lifting bridge, clean, prep, and re-glue with

hot hide glue - Shop rate/ Per-Minute

Acoustic Structural Repairs:  

Re-glue top and back cracks,

cracked/loose braces, etc. – Shop Rate/ Per-Minute

Broken Headstocks/Necks – Quote on inspection

Custom Refinishing or Painting:

Let's discuss what you want - We are negotiable, it can be done!!!